Adventskalender 2020

Adventskalender 2020

24: Sandra Marco Colino from Hong Kong

23: Karl Rikard Løvhaug from Norway

22: Krystal Uy Sia from the Philippines

21: Patricia Pérez Fernández from Spain

20: Troy Waterman from Barbados

19: Ben Van Rompuy from the Netherlands

18: Isabelle de Silva from France

17: Andreas Stargard from South Africa

16: Yong Lim from Korea

15: Margarida Matos Rosa from Portugal

14: Fiona Scott Morton from the U.S.A

13: Patrick Krauskopf from Switzerland

12: Sopio Momtselidze from Georgia

11: Masako Wakui from Japan

10: Gönenç Gürkaynak from Turkey

9: Wendy Ng from Australia

8: Eduardo Pérez Motta from Mexico

7: Jala Youssef from Egypt

6: Philip Marsden from the UK

5: Pablo Trevisán from Argentina

4: Jasminka Pecotic Kaufman from Croatia

3: Chukwuyere Ebere Izuogu from Nigeria

2: Šarūnas Keserauskas from Lithuania

1: Michal Gal from Israel