About Us

About Us

Unser Partner-Blog ist auf www.scidaproject.com zu finden – dort bloggen wir speziell zu Themen wie dem Digital Markets Act (DMA), § 19a GWB und dem UK Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Act.

D’Kart is a blog on legal, economic and political issues of competition. D’Kart stands for Düsseldorf and cartel law – the blog is a project of the Institute for Competition Law (IKartR) at Heinrich Heine University (HHU) Düsseldorf. The blog is open to authors who wish to comment on current developments in antitrust law and competition economics. Anyone interested in blogging may contact us via e-mail to team (at) d-kart.de. The contributions should be “clare et distincte” – clear and distinct, as René Descartes calls it.

Founded in 2013, the HHU’s Institute for Competition Law pursues the task of advancing scholarship in German, European and international competition law. Together with the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE), it thus forms the academic pillar of what we love call Germany’s capital of antitrust law – Düsseldorf. The city is characterised by the Higher Regional Court with its important cartel senates (Oberlandesgericht), the strong antitrust bar and the companies and authorities in the vicinity (and of course, we see Bonn and Brussels as in the vicinity of Düsseldorf).

We aim at bringing together academia and practitioners, and this is also reflected in the structure of the IKartR: In addition to the university professors Christian Kersting, Rupprecht Podszun and Jannik Otto, the Institute’s directors are Prof. Dr. Peter Meier-Beck (presiding judge of the cartel senate at the Federal Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof)), lawyer Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Meyer-Lindemann and Prof. Dr. Lutz Strohn, a former judge at the German Federal Supreme Court. The IKartR is also supported by very committed representatives of the Düsseldorf bar. They serve on an advisory board.

The D’Kart-Team wishes you a lot of fun and many insights while reading – we are looking forward to suggestions, comments and criticism! Please remember to subscribe to our e-mail newsletter and feel free to recommend this blog to people in your networks.

Check out our partner blog at www.scidaproject.com – there, we dedicate postings to topics of digital competition (Digital Markets Act (DMA), § 19a GWB, UK Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Act).

PS: We aim at making our contributions available to an English-speaking audience as well. However, many of the manuscripts are in German. For the sake of speed and cost-saving we go for machine translations that we try to check as good as we can in the short period of time we have before publication. If our English sounds a bit German in your ears – well, enjoy nonetheless. And ‘tschuldigung!