2020 Antitrust Advent Calendar

2020 Antitrust Advent Calendar

What a year! We are getting close to the end of 2020 (and some say: better so), but obviously, we still have our DECEMBER SPECIAL for you: the Antitrust Advent Calendar!

To review the year in competition law, D’Kart asked personalities from the antitrust community all over the world to answer the following question:

What has been the most significant competition law case or competition law development in your country in 2020?

But we did not leave it at this. We also asked another question since – working remotely – we crave for inspiration that goes beyond our own four walls. With this edition of the Antitrust Advent Calendar we go on a world tour! We asked our competition law experts:

What is a place you recommend to see in your country once we are able to travel again?

We found great people to contribute, and this year, we will not only feature interesting insights from antitrust enforcement or thinking, but also a “world tour” with competition law ambassadors who take us into their country – confiding the places they love most. This is our reaction to the pandemic that makes live contacts and travel so difficult. Cheer up everyone, here is your guidebook for drawing up travel plans for day 1 after the pandemic!

The answers are revealed day-by-day in December, following the tradition of „Adventskalender“. We humbly suggest to return to this blog every day till the 24th of December, so that you get your daily treat – and the surprise who came up with what! And if your excitement becomes too big and you do not want to wait for the next day, you may always browse the 2019 edition, the 2018 edition or the 2017 edition of this Advent Calendar tradition! Have fun!

The 2020 Antitrust Advent Calendar

5 thoughts on “2020 Antitrust Advent Calendar

  1. This year, with its (over-)abundance of advent calendars (in Germany at least there is a real hype and everyone and her brother brings out or gives away a calendar), this is clearly the greatest of all calendars and if you had to choose just one calendar, this would be it:
    Presenting highly articulate players in antitrust and competition, informing us about events in antitrust and competition around the world that we would otherwise have missed and taking us in our imagination to new places — and this at a time when travelling to new places, to places where we have never been, is what we miss most. Phantastic!

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