Greetings from Tilman Makatsch!

Greetings from Tilman Makatsch!

Having pondered for a long time that my colleagues who keep the railway and freight business running are rightly considered to be key workers (thank you for the great job!!) but antitrust lawyers are not, I am now devoting myself increasingly to irrelevant issues such as settlement negotiations, agreements and pleadings (yes, the private enforcement world does not stand still!). In addition, I am trying to explain to international colleagues the difficulties associated with collective redress in Germany and am increasingly surprised at the imagination of German cartellists in interpreting the Legal Services Act. An article on this will be published in the GCLR shortly.

My children now need me to return to my second day job as a teacher in our new home school and, having seen Justus’ post, it has reminded me to pop to the supermarket to buy some more toilet paper 😉

All the best!


Dr Tilman Makatsch is head of Competition Litigation & Antitrust Economics at Deutsche Bahn.

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