Greetings from Gerhard Klumpe!

Greetings from Gerhard Klumpe!

The “home office” (as Germans call their working space at home) is actually my natural habitat. Travel time becomes working time, the coffee is better than in court and some ideas are easier to think through while going for a run with the dog.

In the times of Covid-19, where many cartel lawyers are now forced into their home office, cartel law issues are taking a back seat (10th amendment of the German Competition Act, the Schienenkartell II decision by the federal court etc.) and civil procedural issues draw attention. How do you meet deadlines in hundreds of cases running in parallel, if you cannot reach your clients scattered all over the world? And what about cases of illness in courts, in the competition authorities and in law firms which can also hinder work processes? Solidarity and a certain generosity will help us all to overcome these and all the other problems caused by the crisis (see also Klumpe/Thiede, NZKart 2020, 188).

Many greetings from the Ruhr area and stay healthy!


Gerhard Klumpe

Dr. Gerhard Klumpe is a Presiding Judge at the District Court of Dortmund where he chairs a Chamber for Commercial Matters as well as the only Civil Law Chamber for Cartel Damage Actions within the jurisdiction of the Higher Regional Court of Hamm.

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