Greetings from Cristina Caffarra!

Greetings from Cristina Caffarra!

Post-emergency and state aid indigestion, will we pick up where we left off on where the new Commission was steering the ship on digital and data (“the battle for industrial data starts now and Europe is the main battlefield”)?  Expect the politics of reconstruction to strengthen industrial policy winds greatly (and calls for lenient antitrust treatment “in the circumstances”, huge opportunistic plays).

(On which: does the world need 200 briefs “giving business sound advice” in these torrid times? Does Big Business really not know cartels are generally a bit frowned upon? Did anyone really think some coordination on supply chain shortages would be dealt with severely?  Do agencies need to be lobbied to do the blindingly obvious (which indeed they did)?  #Advertising_in_times_of_cholera….

Cristina Caffarra

Dr. Cristina Caffarra, writing here from her home study next to a samurai in full armour, is the Vice President of CRA and heads the European competition practice of CRA. Twitter: @Caffar3Cristina

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