The Antitrust Advent Calendar 2022

The Antitrust Advent Calendar 2022

Friends & folks around the globe, it is this time of the year again! In the past years, it became a tradition of this blog to use the run-up to Christmas Eve for – what we call – “Adventskalender”. Every day in December up to the 24th, we have a new treat for you in this blog, a little special gift for you, our beloved readers. It is the #AntitrustAdventCalendar!

This year, we take you to a photo tour of important competition law places. Everyday, you see a picture of a spot that you need to know if you are a nerdy competition law geek. The tour is very much centred on the Rhineland, where we are based. That is mainly due to the fact that our University finances did not suffice to sponsor the tour our photographers wanted to take. They proposed to start taking pictures on the famous Hawaii golf course where the members of the Lysine cartel once met… Well, we have marvelous places in our area as well.

Come back every day till 24 December 2022 and test your competition law wisdom – and have fun!

The team of D’Kart, the Antitrust Blog of the University of Düsseldorf

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